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    Product development
    Customized development
    New application development
    Rapid application development
    Infrastructure support
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    Cloud Computing
  • Talent Acquisition

    Can you easily source, acquire, and onboard key talent?

    Fill key positions with high-quality, socially sourced referrals;
    enhance internal mobility; and streamline, speed up, and
    simplify the recruiting and onboarding process for recruiters,
    candidates, and hiring managers with automated
    processes and mobile-friendly applications.

  • Miracle delivers complete, dependable, fully integrated support services.
    Miracle Primium Support provides essential support services,
    including 24/7 technical assistance, powerful proactive support resources,
    and product updates.

    Miracle Advanced Customer Support provides mission-critical support
    services for complex IT environments. These advanced support services
    help maximize performance, achieve high availability,
    and reduce risk across the complete Oracle stack.

Welcome to MIRACLE

Miracle Information Technologies™ is a Technology consulting and services firm, providing nationwide and international software solutions for leading organizations across the world. It also specializes in career management for individuals in very highly specialized domain and technical areas.


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